Sunday, August 30, 2009

Melissa St. Vil AKA Watch Your Grill

Hat-tip to Shay Riley and Sandra Rose. They both posted a video last week of a young man getting a beat down. You can check it out by clicking Sandra Rose's name.

The video was violent and offensive. It simply showed someone getting their head pounded by someone much larger than themselves. The accusations of the assailant wasn't verified and he called his victim the N-word probably 20 times in 5 minutes. The young women, the victim, who was supposedly attacked didn't appear in the video to substantiate the claims. So who knows what all transpired prior to the beat-down.

I have a similar story with video. It is less vitriolic and has no violence, even though it has similar accusations. It's a row about a extraordinary man, assaulting a extraordinary women.

The man is Roger Mayweather, accused of battery and strangulation; a former boxer and Floyd Mayweather's uncle. The female (no easy victim) is Mellisa St. Vil, a boxer and a model.

In her own words:

News report of Mayweather's Arrest:


Constructive Feedback said...

So what is YOUR opinion of these events?

Should the brother get locked up? Or is this a trick by "da man"?

Tafaraji said...


Hell, the man could have set this isht up, and I'm keeping that option open until it's dis proven.

Anyway, violence in our communities is not a spectator sport!

Free Roger Mayweather! sarcasm off