Friday, January 1, 2010


Every year in New York city, on Dec. 31 I am told, event organizers include John Lennon's "Imagine. This morning on the SCI-FI channel I watched as a average American family was invaded by aliens. The aliens were on a mission to destroy the earth's people in order to use the land for their own growing population; justifiable they believed, because earthlings were lacking love, compassion and brotherhood.

I ask you to either recall the words of Lennon's imagine, or listen to it. As you do pick one of the following affirmations to use sometimes in this new glorious decade we've all been fortunate enough to begin.

1. The next person I met isn't going to feel contempt towards me.

2. I am a loving being worthy of love, and love is in my reach and comes easily.

3. I am not my wealth or my possessions.

4. The next gay person I meet isn't out to destroy the sanctity of marriage.

5. The next straight person I meet isn't homophobic.

6. The next white person I meet isn't a racist.

7. The next Muslim I meet isn't plotting a terrorist act.

8. The next black person I encounter doesn't have a victim's mentality.

9. I don't have to project my fears, doubts, anger, or my insecurities on difficult situations.

10. Progressives aren't out to destroy America.

11. All Conservative are not filled hate.

These are just few, and I hope you'll create your own as the year progresses. I love everyone that has taken the time to read this. Happy New Years to you all!



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Haven't seen you in what seems like months Taf!

What's going on?

D W JazzLover said...

Hi and Welcome back..Great affermations..and Did you know that Imagine was on the Us No Play list...

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