Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11:Dixie Chicks and Cognitive Dissonance

Before 9/11, a dissonance so shrill rang from the Bush/Cheney administration bell-ringers that it caused an increase in racial and political hostility; as a result, even the internet was buzzing with strife and polarization; those of us, with an ounce of cognition saw through all of it.

Ultimately, after 9/11 and the aftermath of our invasion of Iraq, even the 9/11 families became a vilified group of Americans. In addition, the shocking levels of contempt that the Bush/Cheney regime felt for right-wingers, the religious right and all the rest of us, surfaced. It was then, a new sense of patriotism was borne and we all became more aware.

Those of us with progressive values, among whom many people of color are drawn, found our patriotism, the Dixie Chicks by default, and our voice; while those who formerly claimed to be “the real Americans” suddenly felt dejected, became bellicose and began to scramble to find theirs. We are living in the aftermath:

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