Thursday, August 13, 2009

Women Attacked At St. Louis Town hall Is Former Hero Of The Republican Liberty Caucus

According to their web page linked in title above: “The Republican Liberty Caucus is a grassroots, activist-based caucus within the Republican Party working to advance the core Republican principles of limited government and individual liberty”.

However, finding information about the scuffle, the abridgment of her rights, and the ultimate heavy armed police ejection from Clara McCaskill's health reform town meeting, took attentiveness; It evolved slowly.

In fact, finding information about the unfortunate treatment of Veteran Activist Maxine Johnson; a - former GRN. candidate for St. Louis, MO alderman - was as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

Not only was Candidate Johnson undeservedly ejected from the town hall- but, it was also - to the applause of people who took pleasure in her humiliation. Johnson endured an even more personally affront when her assailant snatched and tore up her poster of Rosa Parks.

Fortunately, Johnson's attacker whose gender, at first in earlier videos, appeared as ambiguous as, Pat, from SNL The androgynous looking assailant, who was discovered to be James Winfrey, 67, of Cedar Hill, was arrested and held on suspicion of third-degree assault. Johnson received no charges.


Roderick said...

From what I understand attendants weren't allowed to bring posters into the meeting.

Tafaraji said...

You're right Roderick. Once Maxine Johnson became of aware of that, she rolled her posters up and put them in the seat in front of her. The second appearance of those posters came after a reporter requested to see them.

Roderick said...

Ok I wasn't justifying what the peckerwood did.

Anonymous said...


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