Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My New Glasses

There was so much drama at Houreyes, the salespeople were caught up into some twenty-something mess that made me not want to be there. Determined not to let other folks stuff bother me, I got up outta of there quickly. I didn't even sit for a proper fitting. Oh well! I can always go back and have them tighten a bolt or make an alignment. Anyway!

My niece says I look like Malcolm X in my new glasses, I told her yeah right! LOL!


D W JazzLover said...

You go get up out of here! Great glasses,
I like what you are doing with your blog.
I will stay up to date so that I do not have to stay up all night readind and catching up(Smile)here.
It is 3 am here now....
Great blog

Tafaraji said...

Hi there, so you've found me. I was thinking that any images of me had been tucked deeply away in my archives.

Once I get my head cleared out a bit, I like contributing to my own blog. So thanks for reading. We're all so busy.

Anonymous said...

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