Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gradient is the Light Perfected

Fables have subliminal messages that affect our thoughts. One fable led us to believe we were not the center of the universe; or, that the world does not revolve around us, individually. Actually, we are each at the center of the universe and it does revolve around us. Therefore, seek those metaphysical experiences, and discover those areas of academia that helps you to realize and comprehend fully what this means.

Though these word may appear to lack clarity, this is not an inconclusive script, niether is the effort unyielding, and vacuous. I am not talking down to you, nor is this over your head. This is about you trusting the universe and believing that as we transition through self-discovery, changes do occur whether we are cognizant of them or not. Believe me,focusing on yourself sometimes is worthwhile. We all need the occassional catharsis that comes after soul-searching occurs.

Be not disheartened about the past, we all step forward in different cycles,believe in yourself and know that crushed souls and wounded hearts can have joyful awakened spirits. Stepping into the light is divine; and the light allows of to glow and to become pure again. It is compellingly and omnificent. Seek the light! The light in our life appeals to the divinity in others; yet, it can also attract those who are envious and dark. Don't worry, just be cognizant and alert to the intentions of others, don't judge them, but be aware.

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